Who we are

Ernest Speakers is made up of diverse group of people with a variety of goals.

ernest speakers

Some of our members joined the group to make advances in their professional lives. Some wanted to improve their ability to think on their feet, to be able to speak at a moment’s notice about any subject. Others joined Toastmasters to meet new people and just have fun.

Got questions? Click here to contact Peter Bunce, or call (818) 908-9915.

We pride ourselves on being many things to many people. This is our current slate of officers.

Peter Bunce, DTM

Vice President Education
Vicky McLaurin

Vice President Membership
Connie Acosta, ACS

Vice President Public Relations
Scott Roeben, CTM

Danielle Duboff

Lea Yekutiel, ATMS

Sergeant at Arms
Robert Powers, CTM

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