How to Prepare a Public Speech on Bitcoin

Why it’s important to learn public speech

The value of the ability to speak publicly is difficult to overestimate, but many
bypass the side issues of public speaking. And then they wonder why they are
not listened to, and if they are, listeners are not interested in the topic. If
you want to learn how to communicate with your audience, if you want to learn a
little more about the art of public speaking, then welcome.

Giving a Speech About Crypto

To give a good speech about crypto, it is necessary to prepare for the performance ahead of time. The sooner preparation starts, the better. Fluency in the material is possible only if it is firmly mastered.

To help your presentation achieve its goal, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Who will I speak to?
  2. What for?
  3. What should the audience understand?

      Preliminary information about the audience is one of the guarantees of success. A reasonable driver will not drive a car if he does not know the features of this brand. It is difficult to count on success if you have no idea how knowledgeable the listeners are in this issue, what exactly it can interest them, how it relates to their pressing problems.

      Finding what these listeners need is not easy. Inexperienced speakers and aspiring business people usually talk about things that seem important to them. “To reach the hearts of the listeners, you need to get out of the case of your performances and look at the topic with its (audience) eyes.” For this, you need to get to know your future listeners as close as possible. Knowing the future audience allows you to prepare the presentation to meet their needs.

 So we need to understand what our listeners know about crypto, what they use for crypto and what we want them to understand about crypto. The purpose of the speech is to satisfy some need of the audience.

Bitcoin in the Gambling Industry

Recently, cryptocurrency is increasingly being used by both: individuals and legal entities to carry out, first of all, financial transactions around the world. This fact is undoubtedly reflected in the development of various industries that are directly related to money.

Of course, the gambling industry is no exception in this regard. There are many sites on the Internet that offer gamblers a wide range of gambling games, where bets are accepted in cryptocurrency. 

In fact, all bitcoin casinos can be divided into two main groups:

  1. “ordinary” online casinos that accept cryptocurrency as one of the means of replenishing an account (placing a bet) and withdrawing profits;
  2. online casinos, which were originally created with the ability to accept bets exclusively in cryptocurrency, payout winnings, in the same way, that is, cryptocurrency is the only means of payment available to the user, for example, bitcoin baccarat casino, where people are playing baccarat with bitcoin.

General Tips on How to Prepare a Public Speech

Before you start learning something, you need to try to structure this “something”. So, let’s start with a simple question: what parts is a public speaking divided into?

a) Introduction

b) Main part

c) Conclusion

One of the most important stages of public speaking is d) Preparation. 

If all the parts are planned well, your public speech will be 2 times better than your opponents.