Our Meetings

our group meetings

Ernest Speakers meets each Saturday morning. We meet downstairs at:

260 N. Pass Avenue
Burbank, California

(Note: Our club is not affiliated with the church. However, our club name is actually Ernest Speakers–named after the founder of the Church of Religious Science, Ernest Holmes. We just thought earnestspeakers.com would be easier to find and remember. Got it?)

If you’d like to see maps to where we are, go here.

Yes, we do meet at a somewhat painfully early time–9 a.m. BUT we find that after we get into the habit, we don’t mind missing sleeping in so much.

Our meetings are structured and timed.

At each meeting, members of the club serve as “functionaries.” (It’s not as stuffy as it sounds.) Members volunteer to act as Invocator, Jokesmaster, Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, Speakers, Evaluators, Master Evaluator, Timer and Grammarian (also known as “Ah Counter”).